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Product Description

Brick Block Interlock is an acrylic latex water-based, penetrating sealant and joint sand stabilizer. It was formulated to protect all porous brick, stone and masonry surfaces, while its joint locking abilities prevent sand loss and vegetation re-growth. Once applied, it will drastically improve the surface’s resistance to mortar erosion due to weathering, water seepage, mold, mildew, and staining.

Brick Block can be applied to indoor or outdoor projects, on old or new pavements, in commercial, industrial and residential settings. It has the ability to treat vertical or horizontal surfaces such as: brick & cinderblock walls, chimneys, stucco, etc. and is especially suited for use on natural and manufactured stone, terrazzo and porous or unglazed tile.
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Brick Block:

– Can be used with any ASTM C 144 standard paver sand or alternate paver sand.
– Will decrease freeze-thaw damage, ease of maintenance and surface durability, due to its breathability.
– Will not trap naturally occurring efflorescence under the surface film and whiten.

Brick Block goes down with a noticeable blue tint, but dries crystal clear. The finish will range from matte to satin sheen, depending on the surface and number of coats. This product is non-hazardous and exceeds all VOC, EPA, OSHA and FDA standards.

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